Pamper Monday – Top Gear

Mondays are all about finding new ways to pamper... What's pampering? That's looking after Number One, doing something nice for yourself, recharging your batteries 🙂 It's a major part - nay, keystone - of the Flylady programme. If you're nice to yourself, then you're better equipped to look after your home and your family. It's been… Continue reading Pamper Monday – Top Gear

Pamper Monday – A Musical Interlude

Pamper Monday has come around again. Where does the time go?? I've had a nice winter week's holiday at home with the kids. Took a lot of gentle coaxing to get them out of bed this morning... Back into their ski suits, hats and gloves, out into below freezing temperatures and (yes, more) snow and in to… Continue reading Pamper Monday – A Musical Interlude

Good evening Vienna from Wonderful Copenhagen

I got a tweet this morning from Eddie Izzard. He retweeted this: It's a campaign to get the song "Vienna" by Ultravox to the number one spot in Great Britain. They were cheated at the post in 1981 by that irritating song "Shaddup You Face" by Joe Dolce. (Warning: Don't think about that irritating too… Continue reading Good evening Vienna from Wonderful Copenhagen

Menu planning Thursday – 14 January 2010

Not going to beat around the it is! 🙂 Thursday We've five extra kids coming for dinner tonight. It's DS10 turn to 'host' the school 'dinner group'. We take four kids (two boys, two girls) from his class home with us and they play together and then eat with us. Their parents turn up around 6.30pm and stay for… Continue reading Menu planning Thursday – 14 January 2010

High Five Meme

My nice (and very blog-savvy) friend Pippa at has 'tagged' me with a 'High Five Meme". Thank you, Pippa! 🙂 Pippa's name will be very familiar to regular readers...we were Christmas planning partners-in-crime! Aside being an excellent blogger, she is also a great tweeter. I only surround myself with positive people and she is definitely right-up-there… Continue reading High Five Meme

These are a few of my favourite things (Danish bands)

It was "Spil Dansk" (Play Danish) day in Denmark last week. Which meant that the public radio stations played Danish music. All day. Only Danish music. The funny thing is that I didn't even realise that they weren't playing any 'foreign' artists because there's just so much darn good Danish music around! 🙂 So you don't… Continue reading These are a few of my favourite things (Danish bands)

Top of the Pops

I think it was @softthistle who recently asked on "What gets you out of bed?" Simple answer for me: music. Can get me out of bed, get me cleaning, even got me running (though Jonathan Roche, creator of 'NEWO' can take the credit for me putting one foot in front of the other).… Continue reading Top of the Pops