Jingle all the Way

I wrote in Wednesday’s post that I was baking sausage rolls and listening to Christmas music. But I forgot to tell you about my Christmas CD collection! 🙂

If you see me at a party, I’ll be the one who has a large handbag – I like to take my own music with me, just in case…  I actually used to carry around a couple of bags of CDs. These days, thanks to the wonders of technology, I just carry my iPhone and some cords… 😉

Anyway. I have a small stack of Christmas CDs. If I’m in the house on my own and not trying to do the whole ‘crowd pleasing’ thing, then these are the two that you’ll always hear:

  • Ella Fitgerald “Wishes You a Swinging Christmas”
  • Phil Spector “A Christmas Gift from…”

And the joker in the pack? Hee hee…a CD I was lucky to find when I was working in Luxembourg in the 1990s. The ‘stars’ of a soap I used to watch (and parody with my friends) brought out a Christmas album. A real classic….

Happy Friday everyone.

And don’t forgot to be ‘bold’ and be ‘beautiful’! 😉