Menu plan – Thursday 8 November 2012

We’re all really busy this week and, with the Danish weather being really dreary and wet (not to mention that it’s dark by 4.30 in the afternoon), we just want easy, warm, comforting food.  Here’s this week’s menu at Casa Copenhagen!

Here we are, after our daily skinny dip in the Danish sea – the water temperature is falling by about one degree per week…cold but refreshing = the only way to start a dull, rainy day!

*  straight-from-the-freezer ‘chicken parcels’ (chicken fillets in puff pastry) with beetroot and salad on the side

* glazed chops (now a regular in our house, thanks to my blogfriend Krista!), basmati rice (made in my beloved rice cooker) and steamed broccoli (steamed over the rice in my beloved rice cooker!)

I bought a new (larger) ricecooker in August – the old one has been retired to our Swedish summerhouse by the sea :o)

* out to dinner with the family – yay, no washing up for Mum!

* homemade lasagne (alternating layers of meat sauce and bΓ©chamel sauce/leftover broccoli)

* Pytt i panna – which is the Swedish version of Biksemad – which is the Danish version of a meat hash (cubes of meat, potato and onion fried, topped with a fried egg and served with ketchup and plenty of ketchup)

*  leftover lasagne and salad

DS12 (when he was just 8) tucking into confit de canard in the south of France

confit de canard (French confit of duck) – we’ll be celebrating St. Mortens evening on Saturday – a night when the Danes traditionally eat duck or goose

Bon appΓ©tit!

Diane :o)