Printables! Routines checklists!

With this simple – but effective – checklist you are GUARANTEED success! Even if you have previously been inconsistent with your routines, tried every checklist under the sun, and feel you never get things done… Morning, afternoon, evening – this checklist will work for you. What are your three essentials? Kids love having their own routines! If they are too young to read or write, cut out pictures or let them draw a picture of their tasks! Full details of how to use the checklist in my video later in this post! (I explain what to consider for each category – and what NOT to do!)

Click on the photo and save to your computer/print. Or you can use my template and change it to suit your needs. I make my checklists using Canva (which is free, but you will need to register as a Canva user in order to use the template).

Before you start filling in the blanks, watch my video where I explain why THIS checklist works and why you haven’t been successful with your routines before. I also give ideas for your tasks depending on your life situation (carer, teleworking, retired, new baby in the house, etc). And, most importantly, I explain what NOT to do with your list!

Here are a few examples of my lists (again, everything is explained in the above video)

I can’t wait for you to have success! Start right now – today! Your life is about to get so much easier…

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