Happy 1st November – I’m baaaaack!

Dear Readers

Happy 1st November – I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween last night?

DD10’s bounty from last night

I’m back after a   v-e-r-y   l-o-n-g   summer break from the blog.  I could give you all sorts of (fairly good) reasons for my absence.  But there is one thing which has stopped me dead in my tracks and I feel I have to confess.  I HAVEN’T BEEN MENU PLANNING!  Yep, me, the Queen of Menu Planning.  (Just how many weeks of menus are there on this blog?  Um, 107!)

I refuse to feel overwhelmed.  I have the Flylady’s voice in my head.  I am going to jump in where I am – with a menu plan.  And tomorrow I will be back with lots of tales of winterbathing, our Swedish summerhouse by the sea, English teaching and oodles and oodles of Flylady decluttering/routines/’Cruising through the Holidays’!

One of the guest cabins at our Swedish summerhouse by the sea 🙂

But for today, here’s this week’s menu at Casa Copenhagen!

*  Spaghetti bolognese/pasta med kødsovs/ pasta with meatsauce – DD10 has just had ‘train tracks’ (a brace) put on her teeth

*  Roast chicken with roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots

*  Leftover chicken made into chicken noodle soup

Biksemad (Danish ‘hash’: cubed potato and meat, onions – fried and topped with a fried egg, pickled beetroot and ketchup)

*  A special treat of takeaway Sushi for me – I’m dining alone as both the kids (DS12 and DD10) are out to dinner at friends, and DH is working late

*  Stir fry of leek/red onion/white cabbage/mushroom with chicken cutlets and rice (made in my beloved rice cooker)

*  Bacon and leek quiche with baby potatoes and salad

Bon appétit! 🙂

My sweetie friend H and myself out for a skinny dip this morning – water temperature 8c (46f), air temperature 7c (44f).  Don’t know what the windchill was but we had to tie our bathrobes on to the bridge so that they weren’t swept away in the gale! 😉 

See you all tomorrow! :o)


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  1. Howdy -happy to see you back! And don't worry -we love you whether you plan your menus or not 😀

  2. Awwww, thanks, C! Funny thing is that I just saw that the Flylady November habit is…menu planning! Hee hee! xoxo

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