This week’s Hygge Christmas Planning (Flylady missions 16-20)!

Here we go again…are you ready to hygge? We have started our early Christmas planning and we are making it cosy! Stop the overwhelm and get ready to enjoy the holidays this year – with just a few simple steps each week. We break down the planning, decorating, cleaning into doable chunks so that we have more time to really enjoy the season! I’m reposting the YouTube videos I made back in 2017 and each one gives you a 5 minute explanation and hygge ideas. Here are missions 16 through 20. If you scroll down this post, you’ll find my checklist: I use this to tick them off as I go. And you can find my whole YouTube series (which also includes recipes, easy crafts and a look at how we decorate in Denmark) by clicking right here. But let’s get on with this week’s missions!

Flylady Christmas Mission 16
Flylady Christmas Mission 17
Flylady Christmas Mission 18
Flylady Christmas Mission 19

I use the free Flylady Holiday Planner (which you can download for free here) and in this video I walk you through what exactly you will find in it….

Flylady Christmas Holiday Control Journal – a look inside!

There are five missions per week, some may apply to you, some may not. You choose! And you will notice that many of them follow the pattern of the Flylady daily focus (weekly cleaning, plan and play day, anti-procrastination day tasks). This is a chart I use to keep myself on track… If you don’t get each mission ticked off, don’t worry! We will have some “super missions” in the month of December – so you can start any time you like!

Have a wonderful day – may the Danish hygge be with you!

LLAP! Hugs!