Swap Party Ideas from Denmark – hosting a hygge, zero waste event!

Swap Party Ideas from Denmark – zero waste! Join us at our Declutter and Swap Party! Bring the things you don’t use, need or love. Place on tables according to item (clothes, kitchenware, books, kids toys, sports equipment, etc). Take home whatever you like – there is no limit! We have a rule that you must try things on to make sure they fit. (It’s helpful to have several mirrors on hand.) Bring along a drink or food to share – make it hygge! And everyone helps to pack up/drop off the donations afterwards. We donate everything left over to a women’s or men’s shelter, charitable organisation or book exchange. Stop buying new – let’s get the maximum use of what is already produced. Time to hygge!

There are more Dressing Your Truth and Swap Party videos on this playlist…

Have a great day!

LLAP! Hugs!