This week’s declutter and clean!

I didn’t do any major Flylady Zone cleaning or decluttering last month when things were hectic. But no worries, it’s easy to get back into things, when you are ready…set your timer for 15 minutes and just do something! Here’s a video to get you started when you need some motivation! And then read on for more inspiration!

We are back in the living room this week for detailed cleaning and decluttering. Remind yourself of WHY you are cleaning and decluttering – because you deserve to have a cosy, clean home! When I’ve cleaned the living room, I like to add a little hygge to the room. Bringing the outside inside. Today it’s some beautiful fresh blooms from our garden (our hortensia/hydrangea are magnificent this year).

There are free printables and Flylady Zone ideas for cleaning, working in the garden and self-care here on my blog Remember to add in some daily pamper time! The self-care by zone list and my “bingo card” are here.

And if you need more motivation, I have a whole playlist with living room inspiration…

Have a fantastic day!