Clothes declutter! Flylady Zone 4 and Thursday reminders!

We’re working in the bedroom this week for cleaning and decluttering. Here are my lists…

Need some company? Here’s a video from the archives!

In Thursday news, the daily focus is “Errand Day”. Make a list before you head out of what you need to do/buy to save stress/time: supermarket, greengrocer, florist, post office, ironmonger, library, pharmacy, fill up with gas/petrol etc.

Thursday’s daily focus…Errand Day!

I did my errands yesterday (supermarket, IKEA, library) because we have another long weekend coming up, Whitsun. I arrived early at IKEA (it’s nice to get the place to yourself) and they were hoisting the Danish flag as we were queuing to get in…

Enjoy your Thursday (or Little Friday as we call it here in Denmark)! And don’t forget your List!

You can find more of my motivational videos on this playlist Have a great Monday!