This week’s Flylady Zone/declutter

We’re very much in Danish summer mode right now, and that means I’m keeping to my – very basic – Flylady routines. What does that entail? Doing a daily LOL (load of laundry), knowing what’s for dinner (my menu planning posts are here), choosing my outfit for the next day, setting my timer for a 5 minute PUPA (“pick up and put away”) in our main rooms whenever necessary. No hard graft, just a few minutes here and there. But, by doing these basics, I keep things ticking along nicely, leaving me to enjoy whatever the day brings! Usually starting with a bike ride down to the sea and a breakfast swim with my Besties… 🌊⚓🏊‍♀️☕😃

If you follow my YouTube channel, you’ll know that I take the same “keep it simple, Sweetie” approach to Flylady Zone cleaning. A few minutes here and there during the week really adds up. Remember to be consistent with your Weekly Home Blessing Hour (the upkeep clean of the “high traffic” areas of your house) before you start Zone cleaning. Get your priorities right: daily Routines, Weekly Home Blessing Hour then Zone cleaning. I have Zone lists in my Hygge Home folder (Flylady Control Journal), including ideas for pampering and gardening by zone (you can see them here).

This week is Zone 4 (master bedroom) and I’ve done the basics. Put things away/removed the rubbish. A quick detailed vacuum (area rugs, underneath the bed, behind the rollaway beside cabinets, skirting boards). Dusted off the flat surfaces. A quick “skoosh skoosh” of the windows/mirrors. Wiped the light switches/door knobs/handles. If you want me to “clean along with you”, you can find my YouTube cleaning and decluttering videos here.

And what about decluttering? Well, when I was choosing my outfit yesterday, I found a few tops that I’m ready to let go of. I also took a look through my bangles/bracelets collection, and decluttered a small pile. Plus there were a few pairs of earrings which I never wear, so they are going too. Everything is now in the bag I keep at the bottom of my wardrobe, ready for our next Clothes Swap Party! (You can see our parties here – always great fun, and with the most wonderful food!)

Talking of food, it’s time for a quick cuppa in the garden (with some fresh wienerbrød) while the sun shines here in Copenhagen! And our red squirrels are having a short snack break too. Remember to take time for yourself, every single day!

LLAP! May the Danish hygge be with you! Hugs!


PS: Need help with cleaning and decluttering? I’m here to hold your hand!