Menu plan – 21 July 2020

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Hubby and I enjoyed a long weekend (just the two of us) at our cabin on the south coast of Sweden and – bonus – there was a heatwave. We ate all our meals outside and I had three seaswims a day (before breakfast, lunch and dinner). Bliss! We also played Rummikub (something we always do when we are on vacation: the Rummikub box is the first thing to be packed) so we really feel like we’ve been on a mini holiday, ha ha!

Anyway, we’re now back in Copenhagen and, as it’s Tuesday (“Plan and Play Day” if you are using the Flylady system’s Daily Focus idea), I’ve been planning this week’s menu. I try to keep things as simple as possible: old family favourites plus one or maximum two new dishes to try. So what’s for dinner at Casa Copenhagen? Read on! If I don’t specify otherwise, we usually have a salad or a platter of raw fresh vegetables (cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, cauliflower florets, etc) on the side.

  • Vegetable tagliatelle with pesto
  • Massaman Curry made in the Instant Pot, served with basmati rice (using the “Pot in Pot” Instant Pot method)
  • Roast chicken with a goat’s cheese salad and gratin dauphinois
  • Chicken tray bake Sicilian-style (our son is cooking this, recipe from the Emily Kydd cookbook “Quick and Simple = Delicious” which I’ve mentioned several times – link to the recipe here)
  • Mustard pork with cider caramelised apples (again, our son is cooking this one, and it’s from the Emily Kydd cookbook mentioned above)
  • Breakfast for dinner (which is usually fried or scrambled eggs, bacon or sausages, waffles or pancakes, cheese, veggies or fruit and orange juice to drink)
  • One day of the week is usually leftovers, a frittata/quiche made with any veggies which need used up, or Danish smørrebrød (ryebread open sandwiches with various toppings)

Remember to K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Sweetie! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

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