Weekly Home Blessing Hour – Monday 13 July 2020

Good morning! Diane in Denmark here with a brief check-in…it’s Monday morning and I’m going through my Flylady weekly upkeep clean: a spruce up of the high traffic areas of my house. If you’d like more help with the Flylady system, see my Flylady Refresher Course videos (I shall also post them at the bottom of this post).

Sometimes I split the WHB over the week but it’s the summer holidays here and I quite like to do it all in one go – that way, I’m free to do whatever I want for the rest of the week… I’ve got my cleaning caddy/cheat sheet at the ready (you can find it on my blog here). I wipe off what I accomplished last week and choose a task at random. First off today is dusting. Remember we are only doing the high traffic areas, this is not a deep clean!

I usually listen to music while I clean (one or two songs per task) but set a timer for 10 minutes if you have a tendency to go overboard with your cleaning. If you want me to “clean with you” during the Weekly Home Blessing, see these videos

When I’ve finished giving the living room and hall a quick dust, I like to “reward” myself by removing the old flowers and cutting some fresh blooms from the garden. Right now our hydrangeas/hortensias and sweet peas are blooming.

Change sheets. I do this fortnightly. This week it’s our turn, next week the kids will change their bedding. If you have pets or eat in bed, you’ll probably want to change your bedding weekly. Off with the Zara Home duvet cover set and on with the blue flower IKEA set.

For “mirrors/windows”, I like to do that particular task in the current Flylady zone. This week is zone 3 (the bathroom plus one other room), so I’ve done the main bathroom, the guest bathroom on the main floor, plus the hall mirror. Skoosh, skoosh!

When vacuuming, I plug in the hoover in the hall and I can easily reach the kitchen, bathroom, hall and part of the living room.

The only thing I won’t do from the list today is recycling/rubbish. That will either be done tonight after we finished eating dinner/are doing kitchen clean-up. Or it will be done on Wednesday, the day before our rubbish is collected.

Last two things for today are mopping and papers. I mop the kitchen, hall, bathroom on the ground floor (using my “skoosh skoosh” mop). Then, while it dries, I put my feet up for 5-10 minutes and go through the papers/books in my pamper and library baskets. Done, woo hoo!

If you’d like more info about the Flylady system, I have a refresher course… https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxIYCyTLBED-1vdMwaAhm7Z_3Br__gals

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!