Woo hoo, thanks again for all the brilliant ideas you have sent in for FLYLADY ZONE 5 (living room) Errand Day, self-care and gardening! I will add to the list as more ideas come in. Keep scrolling down, there is a lot of inspiration!

  • Candles
  • Firewood/firestarters
  • Lightbulbs
  • Cushion covers/rugs
  • Plants/flowers
Here’s my “self-preservation” bingo card. I pick a couple of ideas from the lists below and it makes me more deliberate about “taking care of me” during the week! You can click the photo, save and print. Or if you’d like to customise, here’s a link
  • watch an episode of your favourite tv show, or half an hour of your favourite movie
  • watch a concert video while you are doing your zone work and sing along!
  • watch a themed movie (summer, Christmas, etc)
  • add a summer weight blanket for the cooler evenings on the sofa
  • bring the fan out for the hot days and wipe the blade with aromatherapy oil of your choice (lemon, lavender…) and let the fan move the scent around the room
  • “I watch a show or movie my family wouldn’t care to watch , usually Hallmark type things 😂”
  • search online for new book ideas, order books from the library
  • ask a friend for movie/tv series/book recommendations
  • use a guided meditation, open the window, place an incense stick on the coffe table and just be
  • a foot pamper, mini-pedicure or foot massage, paint your toenails
  • “I put all my pamper snacks in one 3-liter glsss jar with a tight lid.  Looks nicer than having several bags open and clipped. When I ran out, I noticed that I felt the lack of not having something in the house. Having the pretty snacks on display makes me feel abundance and I can just take one piece or just look at it and feel really satisfied.”
  • once you’ve completed some zone work (decluttering or cleaning), sit on the sofa/in your favourite chair and read for fifteen minutes
  • put a fresh flower or plant on the coffee table or sidetable
  • “redecorate” the room with items borrowed from other places in the house (vase, candlestick, throw pillows, soft rug, lamp)
  • read a magazine or chapter of a book. Read an e-book from the library.
  • have a dance party in the living room!
  • take time to sit and “just be”.
  • take time to sit and enjoy your clean, cosy livingroom!
  • gather your favourite items in a pamper basket (eyemask, slippers, hand cream, magazine, spectacles, small manicure kit and some essential oils (calming or energizing))
  • clean/organize your deck/patio/porch
  • declutter the garden shed/garage, one shelf or box at a time
  • declutter tools/flower pots (offer them to a neighbour/friend)
  • create a summer garden basket to live by the back door
  • create a summer herb pot to live by the back door
  • gather together a summer blanket, pashmina, sun lotion, bug spray, pack of cards,sunglasses, sun hats etc in a tote or basket
  • wrap solar twinkle lights around the trunk of a tree
  • hang bunting up around your lounging space
  • empty some glow sticks into a mason jar for some evening glow
  • plant up summer pots
  • keep bird baths filled
  • sweep out the shed
  • sweep out the garage
  • check the car/bike lights and tyres
  • sweep paths
  • deadhead flowers in the beds
  • cut lawn edges of beds