🥗 MENU What’s for dinner? Flylady menu planning

Here’s what’s on the menu at Casa Copenhagen this week!

  •  Usually I prepare two at the same time and freeze one lasagne for later use

  • luxury Danish biksemad which is basically a hash: diced potato and onion fried up with leftover meat (usually beef or pork), topped with a fried egg and served with pickled beetroot and ketchup or brown sauce. In my luxury version, I use extra vegetables (usually carrot and leek) plus a jar of duck (“rillettes de canard“)
  • Egg fried rice with leftover ham (from the “Glazed honey mustard ham” we had recently) and veggies from the fridge that need to be used up (red pepper/spinach)

  • Freezer meal (something straight from the supermarket) or leftover day…you don’t need to cook from scratch every day! 🙂

More easy recipes and crafts below!