you once again for all your brilliant ideas! Here are the inspiration lists for FLYLADY ZONE 3
(bathroom plus one other room) with ideas for Errand Day, self-care and gardening. I will add to the list as more ideas come in! 


  • Soap,
    shampoo, conditioner
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush heads
  • Toilet paper
  • First-aid
  • Medicine,
    vitamins and minerals
  • Baby
    supplies, nappies/diapers, lotion
  • Hygiene
    products, shaving items
  • Cleaning supplies

Here’s my “self-preservation” bingo card for this week. You can click the photo, save and print. Or if you’d like to customise, here’s a link


  • Diffuse
    some essential oils, candle.
  • Try
    a soothing hydrating face mask (oats, natural yoghurt, honey) or a gorgeous
    body scrub (sugar, olive oil, orange essential oil). Use what you have in the
    kitchen. The scrub is also really good for gardeners hands if you add a little
    liquid soap as well.
  • Condition
    your hair and let it dry in the sun. Deep condition hair (steam/protein
  • Put
    a fresh flower or plant in the bathroom.
  • Have
    a bubble bath or pamper shower. Use bubble bath or a few drops of a luxurious
    oil. Play some music in the background, light a candle, drink a glass of your
    favourite tipple.
  • Keep
    some hand lotion by the sink.
  • Have
    a “mini spa day”: facial, mask and hands, enjoy your favourite drink.
  • Epsom
    salts (ginger and clay) soak for pamper.
  • A foot
    bath (or electric foot spa) and foot cream, finish by putting on a pair of
    fluffy socks and relax.
  • Read
    a magazine or chapter of a book. Read an e-book from the library.
  • Do
    some colouring (online or printed colouring pages).
  • Pedicure
    and manicure , try out some nail art.
  • Listen
    to some new music while you are getting ready for the day. Add new music to
    your pamper playlist.
  • Use
    a lip exfoliator to get rid of dry skin, apply a nice lip balm to make them
    really soft ready for summer.
  • Depilation.
  • Body
    self-massage with lotion, feet and shoulders. Apply lotion to knees and elbows
    for some extra care. Head massage.
  • Take
    time to sit and “just be”.
  • Write
    in your journal or read your prayer journal
  • Keep
    a small manicure kit and some essential oils handy and use them when having a bubble
    bath or pamper shower. The essential oils can be calming or energizing.
  • Before
    showering, place a drop or two (not too much, especially if one suffers with
    respiratory ailments) of Eucalyptus essential oil on the floor or wall of the
    shower – the room will smell like a spa.
  • Put
    coconut oil around the fingernails & back of hands.
  • “I
    keep a solid rectangle bin that both my feet will fit in under my bathroom
    sink.  I have it filled with some Epsom
    salt, 2 cans of beans, a foot scrubber, and a towel.  I pull it out and fill with hot water , some
    good smelling soap, and some Epsom salt. 
    I soak my feet for 10 – 15 minutes and then scrub them.  I then pat them dry and roll the cans under
    my feet for a good massage.”
  • “I
    love the idea that every day is special. I used to save everything until it
    would go bad… now I use my wonderful oils on my face and neck before bed. I
    also love burning lavender incense at night to relax.”
  • Rotate
    my body gel, lotion, and body spray sets to a new or seasonal scent (eg. change
    from musk to citrus for spring and coconut for summer). 


  • Wash
    your gardening gloves.
  • Clean
    the lawnmower, garden tools, lanterns, patio set.
  • Set
    up hoses for vegetable garden.
  • Check/clean
    water features, hoses, attachments, water toys.
  • Clean
    out ponds or fish ponds.
  • Consider
    getting a water butt/rainwater collector.
  • Water
    grass and hanging baskets.
  • Wash
    the garden cushions/rugs.
  • Sweep
    the patio.
  • Put
    up a swing or hammock. Or make yourself a comfy “reading spot”.
  • Take
    a walk in your neighbourhood admiring all the flowers in the front yards.
  • Clean
    the bird feeder and fill up.
  • Clean
    the bird bath and fill with fresh water.
  • Clean
    outside windows or shed windows/greenhouse windows.
  • Research
    gardening by the lunar calendar.
  • Pressure
    washing or clean the pavement/sidewalks, patio, porch or deck.