18 December 2015

Welcome, once again, to my Danish Christmas Advent Calendar! Every day I’ll be giving you a little peak into how our family celebrates Christmas here in Copenhagen. Do the Danes love Christmas? Um, yes – they even use the word Christmas as a verb… Vi juler! (We are ‘christmasing’!)

So get comfy, put your feet up, grab a cup of something warm, and prepare for an avalanche of hygge!

18 December 2015

Okay, this is going to be a post with lots and lots of photos.  So go grab a cup of tea, or gløgg, and get ready to relax for a few minutes with your feet up! :P

Each year my BFFs and I make a point of going to see an exhibition by the Grand Old Lady of Christmas Designer Decorations, Jette Frölich.  She started designing back in 1966 and has basically devoted her whole life to designing Christmas ornaments. And spends the whole year designing the next year’s collection!  (I’ve seen her exhibition each year since I moved here in 1998.) Entrance is free. But have plenty of money ready if you actually want to buy ornaments because – although a lot of them are made of paper – they don’t come cheap!

There are lots of staff on hand to help you choose, ring up your items at the till and – a major job – relighting all those candles. Yes, imagine that, the candles you can see in these pictures are real. Naked flames all over the place: on draughty windowsills, near dried twigs and paper decorations. Enough to make the fire inspectors choke on their gløgg

IMG_0135 (478x640) IMG_0133 (478x640) IMG_0132 (478x640) IMG_0131 (478x640) IMG_0130 (478x640) IMG_0138 (478x640) IMG_0147 (478x640) IMG_0146 (478x640) IMG_0143 (478x640) IMG_0142 (478x640) IMG_0141 (478x640) IMG_0140 (478x640) IMG_0139 (478x640)

Just keep your fire extinguisher (or, in a real emergency, a bottle of soda that you shake vigorously first will also do a sterling job) at the ready!

See you tomorrow!

Diane :)

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