1 December 2015

Welcome, once again, to my Danish Christmas Advent Calendar! Every day I’ll be giving you a little peak into how our family celebrates Christmas here in Copenhagen.

Do the Danes love Christmas? Um, yes – they even use the word Christmas as a verb… Vi juler! (We are ‘christmasing’!)

So get comfy, put your feet up, grab a cup of something warm, and prepare for an avalanche of hygge!

1 December 2015

Today is the day it all begins! Countdown is progressing! The kids open their chocolate calendars at breakfast. We light the calendar candle – et kalenderlys – a tall candle marked with the days one to twenty-four. An essential at the Danish breakfast table in the cold, dark, dark, dark month of December.



Two days ago was the first Sunday of Advent. So that – selvfølgelig – calls for more candles. We lit one on Sunday, next week we’ll light two and so on and so forth…

Let there be light!

See you tomorrow!

Diane 🙂

10 thoughts on “1 December 2015”

  1. […] house is now fully decorated for Christmas and one of the essential parts, at least for me, is the Calendar Candle that we light on our breakfast table or in the kitchen […]

  2. Hi Diane,
    I enjoyed your advent calendar blog – although I discovered it a little late 27th!
    I am seriously considering moving my family to Denmark after my daughter finishes her GCSE's next summer (single parent, 16yr old daughter and 19 yr old son) I am a Dane who moved away as a toddler and would need to learn Danish and I currently live in the Uk and work as a theatre recovery nurse.

    This is a big decision for me and I would be very grateful if you had any advice to offer!

    Kind regards


  3. Hi Nicole! I'd start by looking at workindenmark.dk to see what the current conditions are and, if you're on Facebook, join one of the (many) Expat in Copenhagen groups – there'll be plenty of folks with recent experience. Good luck!

  4. […] now recovered from the 24 Days of Danish Christmas (if you missed that, you can start here with 1 December) and yesterday afternoon I looked out my DDH’s (Dear Danish Husband’s) black tie outfit.  And […]

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