Pushing through

This morning we ran in the park.  As we always do – whatever the weather – three times a week.  For the last four months it’s either been raining, snowing, freezing, icy or windy.  We don’t really think about it – we just push through.  Today, when we approached the old palace building, my sweetie friend K said (in Danish), “Let’s sit down and enjoy the sun.”  So there we sat, for a whole five minutes.  Basking in it.  (Just remind me to take a rug next time, because my winter running tights weren’t designed for sitting on a frosty park bench.)

When I got home I saw these snowdrops in my garden.  They’re in a pebble border around the house.  They’ve been there for years and years.  Isn’t it amazing how they keep pushing through?  Despite the snow.  Despite the frozen ground.  Despite being weighed down by rocks.  Against all odds, they’ve survived the winter and are finally ready to bask in the sun again too… ;D

Have a marvelous Monday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Pushing through”

  1. That must have been a beautiful run / running trip with your friend 🙂 I love the spring flowers in your garden.

  2. Love your blog! Really love your snowdrops photo! I have one plant in my yard but it will be a while before I see it. It's snowing hard here AGAIN in central Wisconsin. Cheers!

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments! I love snowdrops – we have lots of them all around the house and in the lawn. They just keep popping up! 🙂

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