Oh what, wow, he's the greatest dancer! Marvelous!

It’s Friday!  Which means I’m in the mood for dancing!  [And ‘romancing’ – anyone else remember the Nolan Sisters?]

And nothing hits the spot like a bit of Marvelous Mosell…  Remember him?  (See Friday Fun – It’s Marvelous! Mosell!)  The Danish rapper who mixes his own ‘fly’ lyrics with classic tunes.  All topped off with crazy videos!   And – for those of you learning Danish – there are usually subtitles. 

Here he is – with a bit of help from Chic and Sister Sledge – with a tale of his exploits as Den Bedste Dancer (the greatest dancer)…


 “Der var både bajere og hash,

men jeg sagde: Stik mig bare en

kærnemælk i et snavset glas

med et sugerør i

og gør det i en fart, for jeg er sørme tørstig!”

“There was beer and hash

but I said: Give me some

buttermilk in a dirty glass

with a straw, and do it nifty

‘cos I’m really thirsty” 😉


So, anyone for the slosh?

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Diane 🙂

1 thought on “Oh what, wow, he's the greatest dancer! Marvelous!”

  1. Oh wow, lots of dancing!! ha ha. I am feeling in that mood too as I am going to be celebrating my Birthday in COPENHAGEN soon!! (on Thursday the 13th of March)!!………where better hey!!. It's my first time there so hope it's cool!. Like your blog oh and I'm from England!!. Will be coming with my Mum (and handsome puppet-Clifford)!!. x

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