Crafty Tuesday – Decorate with serviettes

This week’s post is something that my DKs love doing because it involves glue 😉

We’re going to take a few bits & pieces like clothespegs, matchboxes and plain gifttags (we used wooden ones) and transform them with patterned paper napkins/serviettes.

First of all, give all your matchbox a coat of white paint (or some neutral colour).

Take your napkin/serviette and carefully peel off the white backing part (sometime are 2-ply, some are 3-ply). Then tear or cut out the motif you want to use. Doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect – this is why it’s a great activity for the DKs 🙂

Take some basic glue – the kind that’s invisible when it dries – and put a thin coat on the matchbox. Then carefully place the motif where you want it, and paint another thin coat of the glue on top of the whole thing. Let dry. You can buy (expensive) découpage glue, but basic school glue works just as well.

If you like, you can also embellish further with glitter glue, sequins, stickers etc. Voilà – we’re finished! My own personal favourites are the clothespegs we made last Christmas… We string up lengths of red ribbon over the doubledoor into our dining room and use the pegs to hang up our Christmas cards…makes a very festive washing line 🙂

OK folks, see you back here next Tuesday at the craft table!