Back to school. Amen?

The Christmas and New Year break is now officially over.  All the decorations are down, we’ve eaten the last of the goodies and – much to the kids’ dismay – school restarted today! 😉

DD11 (Dear Daughter, 11) has a rather strange book for Religion at the moment.  It’s The Bible.  But not as we know it, Jim…

“Manga Messias”.  The Bible.  Manga style!  Read from back to front (but translated into Danish).

Ummm, you better look away now if you’re squeamish! 😛

Yep, “graphic” cartoon certainly sums it up…

Here’s to a nice, quiet Monday!

Diane 🙂


10 thoughts on “Back to school. Amen?

  1. Susan

    Hey Diane,
    A very happy new year. I don't think that kids are looking forward to start school..They are so looking forward to spend few more days at home..

  2. Dhiraj Tamang

    Hi Duane

    Warm greetings in Jesus Name
    I am from Nepal great desire to study in there' so what should i do can you help me please.

    thank you
    May the Lord bless you.

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