Farewell Friday

My brother and niece left this morning to return to the tropical heat of…Edinburgh, Scotland πŸ˜‰

It’s been snowing here in Copenhagen since they arrived. It snowed on our trip to Sweden. There was a mini snowstorm yesterday. And it was snowing heavily when their plane left today. But at least they got the front seats on the metro out to the airport (“hey, look, we’re driving!”) so their trip ended on a high! πŸ˜‰

The kids and I have been pottering around the rest of the morning. DH is at work and it’s very quiet with ‘just’ the three of us. We’ve done a mini WHB (Flylady‘s lightning ‘make your house cosy’ programme) and are going to’make ‘a cinema’ this afternoon, eat some popcorn and sweets, and just chill out. I’m still nursing my cold. Don’t know what the kids are going to watch and – quite frankly – I don’t care! πŸ™‚

I know what I’m going to watch. Have been thinking about it since the Winter Olympics started. I’m not a sports fan. At. All. But it’s kind of impossible to ignore all that luge, skiing, speedskating, curling, cold sports stuff which we’re being bombarded with on the telly right now. It has, at least, reminded me of my favourite ‘make me feel good’ film. “Blades of Glory”!

So I’m going to fetch the remains of my pick’n’mix chocolates from Sweden, get the fire going, put my feet up, cover myself with a blanket and enjoy every last minute of it. And ponder how on earth he kept that dove in his suit the whole time…

Hope you have a fabulous Friday! πŸ™‚