Great Dane-ish Pastries! (Part Seven – toppings)


Have you had your fill of wonderful, wonderful Great Dane-ish Pastriesyet?  Room for more?

Last time I showed you the different types of plain bread rolls that the Danes eat for breakfast – the tebolle, rundstykke and håndværker.  But what to top them with?

Weekend breakfast time!

Aside from the obvious butter, strawberry or raspberry jam, Nutella and honey, there are some truly Danish toppings.  The kids’ (and adults with a sweet tooth) favourite being pålægshokolade (‘topping chocolate’).   Yes, paper thin slices of milk or plain chocolate.  Usually in small, bar shapes – which are ideal for putting on rectangular slices of ryebread.  But now some clever marketing person has come up with the idea of selling them (at an inflated price, selvfølgelig) in round shapes with happy faces.  Fitting the morning rolls exactly…

Happy chocolate faces!

Adults normally top their bread with appelsin marmelade (‘orange marmelade’).  And a slice of pale yellow, mild Danbo cheese.  Both.  At the same time.

Yep, first you put on a slice of cheese.  Then top with a dollop of marmelade.

Though I always put my marmelade on first, before topping with cheese, as I find it less messy to hold.  I give you exhibit a) and b) below…

Cheese and marmelade. Hmmm, which to put first?


Diane 🙂