Those crazy Danes – Recycled!

In honour of Earth Day tomorrow – 22 April 2010 – I’m doing some recycling today…a blogpost! Though truth to tell, it’s really because I’ve been running around all day and, with DS10 now off at school camp, I’m going to be far too busy having a ‘Cosy Night’ with DD8 to write a whole new post… 😉

I often read my own blog (is that terrible to admit to liking your own work?!) and this one always gives me a giggle. And as it’s Wednesday here on the blog – the day when you get to learn something exciting about Denmark or those crazy Danes – I think it fits the bill nicely.

This particular post is from 14 August 2009…when my blog was just two weeks old, aww! Can you believe I’ve been posting every day since?

Enjoy and hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂

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              FIRST PUBLISHED: 14 AUGUST 2009

I’ve mentioned that the Danes are very liberal. They are also very down-to-earth and very plain spoken. Though certainly not rude. Or, at least, they don’t mean to be.

So I feel it’s my duty to warn potential visitors to Denmark about elevator buttons. I took this picture today at Copenhagen Central Station (platform 10). There are two buttons on the exterior of the elevator. The literal English translation of the first button is “in motion”, the second is “to here”. But I’ll let you see for yourself…

5 thoughts on “Those crazy Danes – Recycled!”

  1. ROFL, just got Top Ender to read the buttons out to me and she is cracking up!

  2. Hi Pippa, hi Candace!

    I'll try to add some traffic signs soon…Din Fart (your speed) is another good one, methinks! 😀

  3. I would have no friends at all if I moved to Denmark. I'd be laughing too hard at inappropriate times. 🙂

  4. Don't worry, Elisa, the Danes have a great sense of humour too! 😉

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