Public Service Announcement – Karameldag! Flying Toffees!

We interrupt the series on Danish Weddingsto bring you an important Public Service Announcement:

This coming Friday – 31 May 2013 – is Karameldag (“Toffee Day”)!  It’s the last day of school for 9th and 10th graders.  And they’ll be celebrating.  Selvfølgelig.  Most of them will be attired in fancy dress (and will perhaps return home, soaked to the skin and covered in shaving foam).  Some will make breakfast for their teachers.  There will be singing and dancing.  And all of them will be roaming around the school, throwing huge amounts of toffees – to be caught by the kids in the lower grades.

So remember to give your little ‘uns a plastic bag on Friday.  They’re going to need it to hold their booty.  Or, at least, to hold the empty toffee wrappers so they can keep score (“Hey, I caught 72 toffees this year!”).

God Karameldag!

Diane 🙂