Thank you for your messages of love and support

Thank you for all your messages of love and support. Yesterday’s events in Copenhagen have shaken us to the core. Violent crime is practically non-existent here in Denmark so our country is in deep shock. Love to all those affected and to the victims’ families. A couple of my friends were caught up in the tragedy, but got out safely. I’m sharing photos from Friday morning where my Besties had put on a beautiful birthday breakfast (one of our many winterbathing traditions). After breakfast I headed into the city for the start of the Tour de France here in Copenhagen (see my posts on Facebook). Three magnificent, historic days where the Danes rejoiced, opened their hearts and shared all the beauty of our country with the world. I am so very, very grateful for all my friends, family and life here in Denmark. Once again, thank you so much for your messages. Hug those around you! šŸ’–