(Another) Public Service Announcement – 5 June!


We interrupt – once again – the series on Danish Wedding traditions to bring you an important service announcement!

Tomorrow – 5 June – is Grundlovsdag (Danish Constitution Day).

So the Danes will be…um, well actually, most Danes will be going about their business as usual! 😉

Yes, even though those crazy Danes have more traditions than you can shake a very large flagstang at, I have yet to meet a Dane who actually celebrates Grundlovsdag.  (Though it’s selvfølgelig celebrated around the globe by expat Danes and all those claiming Viking descent.)  What, surely we’ll have bonfires?  Nope, no bonfires.  You’ll have to wait until Sankt Hans (St John’s Eve – Midsummer) at the end of the month for those…

Skt Hans bonfire, Svendborg, 23 June 2012

 But surely there’ll be god mad (good food).  And a nice cold øl (beer)?  Or two?  Nope.

Nothing beats a "stjerneskud" and a nice, cold Carlsberg!

But surely we’ll get the day off?  It’s a normal working day for many Danes.  Not an official public holiday.  Though banks and councils usually add it in to their holiday calendar, so most of their offices will be closed.  But the council binmen will still come and uplift your rubbish – it’s a normal day for them.  Won’t the shops be closed?  Some are closed – but not all.  And while nurseries and kindergartens are closed, my kids are in school – boo!  Confused?  You will be!  Though one thing is sure – the buses will be flying Dannebrog – the Danish flag… 

Grundlovsdag is an official flag day

So it’s basically just an ordinary day then?  A day off for some, but no special traditions.  Yep, you got it.

But, hey, hang on a minute.  Isn’t 5 June also Farsdag (Danish Fathers’ Day)?  Yep, but (thankfully?!) the Danes don’t really celebrate that either!

Okay, folks, nothing to see here, move along now and let’s get back to work!  And join me next time for more on Danish Wedding traditions!

Happy Grundlovsdag!

Diane 🙂


3 thoughts on “(Another) Public Service Announcement – 5 June!”

  1. All shops will be closed ( unless they are small or a special kind of shop like a flower shop or gas station. Big supermarkets will be closed

    It's a tradition that politicans holds grundlovstaler. Special spleeches because it's grundlovsdag. Here a link for a spech to be held by the opposition leader Lars Lykke Rasmussen. dr.dk/Nyheder/Politik/2013/06/05/094745.htm But there will be lots of other speeches today.

  2. Hi Jacob – are you enjoying a day off? My kids would really like Grundlovsdag to be declared an official holiday…they were very annoyed to have to get up and go to school this morning! 😉 Husband is also working too, but the kids are going to bake him a cake when they get hom from school because it's Farsdag… 🙂

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