Christmas Planning – Monday 12 November 2012

Welcome back to a round-up of Christmas Planning!  What I’ve been doing – aided and abetted by the lovely Flylady and her Cruising Through the Holidays missions – to ensure that I’m going to be ready, rested and raring to go come 1 December!

I’m about halfway through gift buying and have set up a little ‘gift wrapping station’ on a table in the basement.  And every time I begin to say to myself “Oh, I can wrap that later when I have more time/more energy”, I swiftly kick my self in the behind, sit down and wrap the ru**y thing…  Do. It.  Now!  ;D

We spent the weekend at our SwedishSummerhouseByTheSea and when I was at the supermarket I found some food goodies to give away (not pictured…they will be a surprise for the recipients!) and to keep in store for baking with the kids.  Readymade pepparkaksdeg ‘gingerbread dough’ and DIY gingerbread house kits.  Should be fun in December!

I’m making a concerted effort to be more consistent with the Flylady’s Flightplan (daily cleaning missions).  Thanks to following the system for the past six years, the house is generally in okay shape, so most only actually take 5 minutes in the morning once I send the kids off on their bikes to school.  But this week I’ve also chosen to declutter our Christmas linens and the three boxes of Christmas ornaments, decorations, candles, etc.  A few things will go to our SwedishSummerhouseByTheSea and the rest will go to the charity shop…  :o)

Check back again next week to see how I get on!  Have a marvelous Monday!

Diane :o)