My Danish Christmas Advent Calendar – 8 December

Welcome to My Danish Christmas Advent
! Join me every day in opening a new door. I’ve got
a host of goodies to share with you – traditional Danish Christmas recipes,
traditions, songs, games, decorations, crafts and landscapes… So sit back,
relax and


Yesterday I had a Julefrokost (Christmas lunch) in town with my
winterbathing buddies. Yep, you remember that I bathe all year round in the North Sea? Current water
temperature 2c/35f, air temperature -2/28f. Here we are down at the snowy beach
on Tuesday morning. Don’t we look dashing? ;)

Cold (but chirpy) winterbathers!

And here we are yesterday – going in to lunch atRestaurant Maven
Restaurant ‘Stomach’) – with clothes on! ;)

Hungry winterbathers!

Yummy lunch – I went for cold roast beef med det hele (‘with everything’:
horseradish, pickles, raw red onion, crispy fried onion, gherkins and

Roast beef ‘med det hele’

The city was full of shoppers and tourists. Have you been watching the
tv series Borgen
? That’s the Parliament building in the background…

Højbro Plads – centre of the pedestrian

Bering House of Flowers– Copenhagen’s famous florists (and
purveyors to Danish Queen ‘Daisy’) – had the most fantastic ‘tree’ inside
the shop, adorned with Christmas decorations. It’s very traditional in Denmark
to hang a few bare tree branches from the ceiling and hang ornaments from it.
Berings’ version was, of course, a gigantic bling, bling version…

Baubles galore!

We popped in to Konditori Antoinette (which, as always, was propped to the
gunnels with genteel old ladies and gents) where there were giant heart wreaths
in the windows. (You can easily make your own heart decorations – see my
post from 6 December


But we weren’t there to look at the decorations…we needed a cuppa and a cake!

Cake and a cuppa

We had planned to stop at Hviids Vinstue– the quintessential place to enjoy a glass of
warm Danish gløgg but – ak og ve – time ran out on us!

Where to have gløgg? Hviids!

So that was a little peek at Christmas in Copenhagen City. Don’t forget to
check back here tomorrow when we open the next door!

Diane :)