Feel Good Friday – 30 November 2012

Three things that have put a big smile on my face this week:

The look on my kids’ faces when our number was drawn during a school raffle…one whole kilo of delicious Danish marcipan chocolates for us to feast on with the whole family come Christmas Eve!

Guess who gets to pick first?  DS12!

After what was a very ‘up-then-down-then-up-then-down’ day…10 minutes in a massage chair while the kids and I were at Experimentarium (Denmark’s ‘hands on’ science museum/playground).  If anyone has loads of dosh to spare, please buy me a massage chair for Christmas.  Thanks, ta!

Sssshhhhh….keep the noise down out there!

My friends.  Whether we are down at the sea in the morning having a skinny dip, or in town looking at this year’s designer Christmas decorations, we can sort out the problems of the world over a cup of tea!

My sweetie friends V and H

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Diane :o)

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