Feel Good Friday – 9 November 2012

Three things that have put a big smile on my face this week:

Switching off my telephone and going to bed before 10 o’clock in my nice clean, cosy bedroom (thank you, Flylady!) and reading a chapter or two of Martin Beck (a series of Swedish crime novels that I’m reading in Danish) before I turn off the lights.  Not just once, but three nights this week – bliss!

Not only a smile but a tear in my eye from this one…  My sweetie friend Heidi (a fellow flybabe) wrote a lovely post about me – was a fantastic thing to wake up to on a dreary, dark Wednesday morning!

Jack The Story So Far

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Getting a great deal on confit de canard (duck confit).  It’s what we eat for Christmas dinner – which in Denmark we celebrate on the evening of 24 December – and we will be having it for dinner tomorrow night.  Much yumminess!  And a saving of 70 Danish crowns (ca. US$12 or £7.50) per tin.  Said the canny Scot! ;D



Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Diane :o)





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