Copenhagen Kitchen – week 5

Builders were here this morning at 7am – as they are every day – and the kitchen remodel charges on at a lightning pace. There are a bunch of them here today:

  • 2 brickies – who are laying floor tiles on top of the cement floor they made earlier, which covers the electric floor heating ‘net’ put down by the electrician, which was laid on top of another layer of cement made by the brickies, which covered metal runners, which were placed on the old wooden joints from 1933…
  • 1 joiner – removing the doors and surrounds so the brickies can lay the tiles right up to the doors
  • 1 gaffer (big boss) who comes to check in on things every day
  • 1 electrician who is finishing off some wall sockets, then the brickies can finish preparing the walls

Work on the leaky bathroom on the 1st floor has finished, so we’re now back in business with that. So no more mess on the 1st floor. Thank goodness.

The plumber and electrician are also finished putting cables/pipes through our hall cupboard. So yesterday we were able to replace all the coats, schoolbags, basket 1 (bike helmets + bike keys/lights), basket 2 (umbrellas) and basket 3 (old grocery bags), together with the emergency torches and fire extinguisher πŸ™‚

I’m still updating the Picasa web album on a daily basis. Click here if you’re interested in photos. And here for videos.

And as it’s Monday – which is WHB day if you live in a Flylady world – my final job was to change my hoover bag and give it some TLC. So I’m ready for whatever (dust) this kitchen remodel can throw at me πŸ˜‰

See you next week.