The Super Fling Boogie continues! Again!

Decluttering is a work in progress.  I used to tend to do it in fits and starts. But, with the help ofthe Flylady, I’ve learned to keep at it.  Fling, fling, flung.  And if not every day, then at least every week. But when there’s a Super Fling Boogie (a sort of ‘get-rid-of-your-clutter-and-your-cares’ jamboree for flybabies around the world), I get into competitive mode, and fling like crazy! ;D

If you saw my very first post of 2012, you’ll know that I kick-started the new year with some purges in the basement.  Decluttering works best if you take one little area at a time, in order not to get overwhelmed.  So on Saturday morning I set my timer for 15 minutes and decided to concentrate on the toy shelves in the basement.

And after 20 minutes, plus another 5 mins checking with the kids, I had filled two large Ikea bags with jigsaw, games and toys (plus other bric-a-brac).  Here they are, ready for the charity shop! šŸ™‚

And – well, you all know what’s coming here, don’t you? – we spent the rest of the weekend playing some of the games that we had forgotten all about… ;D

This morning, Monday, I drove straight to the charity shop to drop off the bags.  Plus two bags of junk to the recycling centre.  One of the hardest parts of decluttering for me is actually to get things out of the door.  I have to do it immediately.  If I don’t get it into the car, it will sit in the basement for weeks, eek! Anyway, my heart always beats a little faster when I drive to this particular charity shop – because the area is also home to Denmark’s (officially) sexiest man, the (international) actor Mads Mikkelsen.  And, as I’ve been lucky enough to see him – in the flesh – not once but twice (be still, my beating heart!), there’s always that chance that it might happen again! šŸ˜€  For those poor souls not lucky enough to live near Mads Mikkelsen, here’s a nice little advert he made for a holiday company.  Sales went up by 30% the week that this advert was shown.  Ha!  (Link to the video here, if you’re reading this post as an e-mail.)

[Swoon]  Enough daydreaming šŸ™‚  I have to finish this post because there’s a courier coming to pick up an old (and very large) painting that we’re finally getting rid of giving to a friend.  Hooray!  More junk heading out of the door!

Oh, and last, but not least!  Don’t forget to post those purged pounds (1 kilo = 2.2 lbs) on the Flylady’s clutter meter which you can findright here.

Happy flinging and have a marvelous Monday! šŸ™‚

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  1. Woop, woop, we rock! Double dare you to get rid of some more… šŸ˜€

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