(Danish) Family Fun

My DDSIL (dear Danish sister-in-law) is visiting for a few days – hot on the heels of my dear Danish brother-in-law, who was here with his posse of five folks at the weekend.

Guest bedroom ready, sunshine streaming in, waiting for the next guests

So we’re busy eating good food…

These are yummy and a cinch to make –

Nigella Lawson’s pea and parmesan bruschetta

Clothes shopping…

Eating more good food…

Marcipan cake (Nigella Lawson – again) decorated by DD10

Drinking gin and tonic…

More good food…

A prawn/red onion/feta/basil/tomato/oregano/olive and rice salad

And generally having a good time.  So good, in fact, that I don’t have time to write a proper blogpost today… ;o)

So see you all tomorrow!

Have a terrific Tuesday – we are! 🙂

3 thoughts on “(Danish) Family Fun”

  1. I'm back. I've been sadly neglecting my blog friends. I see you are well and having fun as always. You make life look so….EASY! 🙂 I've missed reading you, have thought of you often…I just suck in the "keeping in touch" department. Carry on, Warrior!

  2. Thanks, Ms C! 🙂 And thanks, Elisa, it's great to have you back! Life here continues as normal…just enjoying all the little highlights each day has to offer. And blogging about them, so I don't forget! ;o)

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