Join the Garden Party! (26 March 2012)

If you’ve been reading my Monday posts, you’ll know that I garden the Flylady way – in 15 minute chunks and using routines.  I set myself two goals for last week: to mow the lawn and clean the wooden deck.  (It motivates me to mention them here on the blog because then I can’t chicken out…)  So how did I get on?

Well, the Danish Weather Gods decided to smile down upon us on Friday.  No more frost (fingers crossed…) and hopefully higher temperatures for the rest of the spring.  So I was finally able to get out and do some ‘lawnmothering’.  A term I’ve coined for us mothers who don’t rely on our better halves for heavy horticultural assistance, but get out and get on with the job ourselves! ;o)

First session of 15 minutes on the timer and one third of the lawn is done – yay! πŸ™‚

Spurred on by my success with the ‘lawnmothering’ – and after a 15 minute rest with a cuppa outside in the sunshine – I decided to move right on to cleaning the wooden deck.  Gosh, I had forgotten just how much fun it is to stand and hose things down!  I didn’t get all perfectionistic – I just scrubbed the green algΓ¦ and bird poo off with a brush and washed it (and all my troubles and cares) away.  Just remember to put on your welly boots before you start…

No more bird poo – hooray!

Chairs and tables got the same treatment.  So we are company ready for, not one but two, sets of Danish family visiting this week.

And my goals for the coming week?  My main task is to weed the stone borders around the house.  The snowdrops, tulips and daffodil clumps can stay.  But the grass weeds – which are shimmying their way over from the lawn – need to take a hike.  First I’ll pull out what I can, then burn the rest with my gasburner…yeargh! ;o)

I’m also going to weed the pavement (we have a very long fence), to ‘mother the lawn’ once again and – most important of all – just keep things in check and ticking over.  So I’m in control – not overwhelmed…

Meet you outside in the garden?

Have a marvelous Monday! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Join the Garden Party! (26 March 2012)”

  1. Looking good! I finally got to spend some time in my front flower bed -feel much better about how it looks & ready to plant some new goodies. Hooray for lawnmothering!!!

  2. Good job! Do you think we'll be quite so cocky about the lawnmothering come the height of summer, when we're hot and desperate for chilled cocktails? πŸ˜›

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