Mad about Danish food?

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Today was the day that Michelin stars were doled out to Danish restaurants.  Or, perhaps more newsworthy, the day the elusive third star wasn’t doled out to Noma.  (Officially ‘The Best Restaurant in the World’.  Twice.)  Oh well, Noma, better luck next time.  (Though having eaten there, I have to admit the experience was better than the food.)

Anyway, what better day to have a cheap laugh at Danish language food.   See this packet of minced beef?  If you’re a Dane, you’ll probably not even read what’s on the packet.  You’ll just grab it from the chiller cabinet and go.   If you’re a health freak, you probably looked at the fat content.  Me?  I didn’t get further than the first word and the picture.  Holy Cow, Batman, haven’t those crazy Danes heard of Mad Cow Disease?!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂

PS: “Mad” means food and “smag” means taste.