Menu planning Thursday – 8 March 2012

We’ve still got frost during the night and there was sleet when we were skinny dipping at the beach this morning, so spring is dragging its heels…gah!  But, hey, it’s Thursday – alias “Little Friday” – and the weekend is fast approaching.  So all is well! πŸ™‚

My grocery spend for the four of us this week was Danish kr. 1.129 (roughly UK Β£127 or US $201.  Here’s the menu at Casa Copenhagen this week:

*  Homemade wholemeal lasagne (layers of meat sauce, cheese and lots of veggies)

*  Swedish meatballs (who doesn’t love IKEA?!), with pan-fried leftover sliced potatoes, garlic, rosemary and sugar snap peas

*  Osso bucco – it was on offer at the supermarket, will do it in the crockpot and serve with couscous with lemon and parsley

*  Takeaway sushi – on the night that DH and DD9 are out, as a special treat for me and DS12.  Poor us, we haven’t had any since his birthday in December… ;D

*  Salade nicoise: salad leaves, boiled egg, tuna, tomatoes, beans and warm pita bread on the side

*  Whole chicken, cooked in my crockpot, served with risotto made in my ricecooker – on the day that I’m popping over to Sweden with my two bffs.  Will be nice to come home to find food ready and waiting πŸ™‚

*  Leftover night – which is basically pasta and any leftover meat and veggies.  And a pile of Danish klatkager (small pancakes made out of leftover rice or leftover rice pudding) for dessert.

Bon appΓ©tit!

Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! πŸ™‚