Don’t forget the dental floss!

Do you sometimes read tips or tricks and think “well, that sounds so daft, I really must try it for myself”?

Mini pizza rolls, straight from the oven…mmm! 🙂

Here I am making up some pizza rolls.  A pack of canned croissant pastry, covered with tomato sauce, sprinkled with cheese and rolled back up.

Take a piece of dental floss and wind around the pastry at the point where you would normally hack and squash it cut it into slices with a knife.

Pull the edges tightly over each other and slice through…

Voilà, ready for baking – and no messy edges or sharp knives involved!

Dental floss.  Strange but true.  Also works well on kanelsnegle (cinammon ‘snails’ or rolls).  And it’s certainly more fun than using it between your teeth… ;D

Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Don’t forget the dental floss!”

  1. I appreciate this blog about the dental floss. Well, I want to get rid off the yellowish teeth. Please suggest me best dentist Torrance.

  2. Well this is definitely an interesting utilization of dental floss, also a great way to promote its durability.

  3. I never thought that dental floss can be used to cut pizza rolls. I'd suggest this to my doctor once I visit my dentist nyc.

  4. Interesting! Now I need to make sure I can get more floss freebies from my
    Dentist Buderim so I can make and bring more sweeties!

  5. That's very ingenuine! I'd love to try that recipe as well. Perfect timing as I am going for my routine oral prophylaxis with my cosmetic dentists sydney. I hope to score some free dental flosses for that. Cheers!

  6. The cheap orthodontics in me tells me to keep a good supply of dental floss when making that. It will come in handy getting rid of any bits stuck between my teeth.

  7. I don't know about you guys, but I think this is a waste of dental floss. It's creative, but if you ask me I would rather eat these, then use dental floss right after. I got a lot of free dental floss from my mobile al dentist last month.

  8. I thought the receptionist at the rockford dental care was kidding when she handed out those dental floss to me and said there's so much more use to it than just for my teeth, and it sure does! Since I can't practically use all that I got as freebies, might as well donate this to my next door bake shop. Great job mate!

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