A Christmas (Winter bathing) Miracle

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that my friend V and I love vinterbadning (skinny dipping in the Danish sea, all year long).  And have become thorougly Addicted.  We’ve been stripping off down by the waterfront.  Come rain, hail or shine.  But, with the temperatures beginning to plummet and storms brewing aplenty, we were forced to realise that – at some point – standing undressing/dressing in the snow just wasn’t going to be fun.  (Funnily enough, the thought of being in the freezing cold water is an attraction – ha!)

Huge waves = huge fun! 🙂

We’re on the waiting list for not one, but two, different bathing clubs.  One of which has a 6 year waiting list…  The clubs have changing rooms, toilets, hot showers and [sniff, sniff] sizzling saunas!   Waaaaaaah!   Let us in from the cold!

Our current al fresco ‘changing room’…

we bring our own bathmats – slightly warmer than standing on cold paving stones! ;D

But, this Tuesday morning, an Angel appeared before us.  Walking his dog.  He and his wife – fellow winterbathers – had seen us many times on the bathing bridge.  (Yep, told you that we’re there on a daily basis.)  They thought we were ‘cool’ to have braved the elements.  But wouldn’t we like to have the key to an old storeroom, owned by the Chief Lifeguard?  Nothing fancy.  No space to swing a cat.  No running water.  And in desperate need of maintenance. (It literally hasn’t been cleaned or dusted for 15 years [sneezes] but nothing that my Flylady purple feather duster can’t cope with!)

But, wow, there are walls!  Four of them!  A door!  A bench!  A hook to hang our clothes!  Halleluja!  We feel like Mary and Joseph, who’ve been given space in the stable…  Yep, there are such things as Christmas miracles! ;D

♪♫”I saw three ships come sailing in, on Christmas day in the morning….” ♪♫

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! 🙂