Christmas planning – 2 weeks to go!

I feel a bit silly calling this post Christmas “planning” like all the others because – thanks to the Flylady – all my prep for Crimbo is actually done!  Ha!  Our greetings cards were posted on 30 November.  (Almost) all the presents are bought and wrapped (or ordered online).  And…we’ve all just had haircuts! ;D

We lit the third advent candle on Sunday πŸ™‚

So – instead of telling you all that I’ve done or need to do – I thought I’d let you have a peek into what I’ve been able to enjoy since the 1st of December!

* * * * * *

Put together some cookie dough…baked one portion and put three logs in the freezer, which I can pull out/slice/bake when we have friends over πŸ™‚

Ingredients for cranberry and pistachio shortbread in the mixer

Been to Tivoli with the ‘girls’ for drinks and a pantomime…

Sorry for the blurred image…too many glasses of wine drops of rain on the lens

Made sweets with the kids…

These are some of the ‘healthy’ ones: dried figs/orange juice/cocoa powder/coconut

My friend H and I went to an exhibition of Danish Christmas decorations by Jette FrΓΆlich (and had glΓΈgg and Γ¦bleskiver in the cafΓ© afterwards)

Enjoyed a lovely Xmas lunch with my winterbathing friend V

Spoleben with winter cabbage

* * * * * *

Nice!  And especially nice to be able to enjoy it all without rushing around and getting stressed.   This week it’s full swing over at school where we’ll be partaking in the Lucia Procession/Concert, Xmas Bingo, Breakfast and Decoration-making with DD9’s class…

Advent calendar of presents in DD9’s class –

a name is pulled out of Santa’s sack every day

Phew!  Thank goodness for my Flylady Holiday Control Journal and pampering! ;D

Have a marvelous Monday! πŸ™‚