Spil Dansk!

[postscript: oops! posted this yesterday at blogs.denmark.dk but forgot to put it here as well! ;D]

Spil Dansk (“Play Danish”) day is just around the corner! 🙂

Held on the last Thursday of October, it’s the day when Danish music is played, performed, promoted and celebrated. Which means that radio stations play Danish music. All. Day. Long. And there are concerts and events all over Denmark. If you want to find out what’s happening near you, the official Spil Dansk websitehas a nifty event finder, just click here.

Last yearon the blog I wrote about some of my Danish music faves anno 2010. Here are a few of my favourite Danish bands this year, plus a few videos to get you started. Go check them out…

Magtens Korridorer (sing in Danish) This is the first single from their new album “Imperiet Falder“, which comes out on 31 October.

WhoMadeWho (sing in English) In this particular track, they take the mickey out of that whole Danes-are-the-Happiest-in-the-World thang… 😉

When Saints Go Machine(sing in English) This is a very old video (please forgive the terrible sound quality…) but a fave song of mine.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! And don’t forget to turn the stereo up to 11! 🙂