Menu plan – Thursday 28 October 2011

It’s pea soup weather here today which, should you be unfamiliar with the expression, doesn’t mean that we’re physically having pea soup for dinner (not that I don’t like the stuff, unlike the rest of the family).  It means that this morning you couldn’t see much further than the end of your nose.  Or, in my (skinny dipping) case, the end of the bathing bridge! ;D

My sweetie friend V walking off into the sunset fog 

Here’s this week’s menu plan, plenty of hot dishes:

*  some kind of pasta dish (just a jazzed-up spaghetti bolognese) with salad and homemade wholewheat rolls

*  roast chicken legs with baby potatoes and broccoli

*  wholemeal pita pockets filled with (leftover) chicken and fresh salad (rocket/spinach) and veggie sticks on the side, risengrød (rice pudding made in my rice cooker) for dessert

Please remind me to change my nail varnish later!

Glazed pork chops (from Krista’s blog) with baked vegetables on the side (leftover chopped baby potatoes and broccoli, yellow pepper and garlic)

*  big fat Danish pork sausages with mashed potato, gravy and carrots

*  I’ve had fish in the freezer for the last couple of weeks (which was on the menu plan but never made it to the table…) so now is the time!  Will cover it with herbs and breadcrumbs and bake it and serve it with The Pioneer Woman’s crash (leftover) potatoes, remoulade sauce and a green salad

*  something quick for Halloween night before the kids go out guising…probably panini (hot toasted sandwiches and soup)

Bon appétit!  Now let’s get autumn over and done with and move swiftly on to winter.

I took this while running in the park at 5pm tonight,

pesky slippery leaves everywhere ;D

Hope you have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂