Christmas Planning 2011 – 9 weeks to go!

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming – my favourite time of year, woo hoo! And – just like last year – I’ll be posting my Christmas Planning progress week by week here on the blog. Nothing like writing it down in black and white to keep me accountable 🙂

Another quaint Danish tradition…

burning a candle at breakfast or dinner and watching the days counting down!

The Flylady has kick-started her Cruising through the Holiday Missions (small, daily missions that will get your house, your family and yourself ready by 1 December) and I’m following those and also using Flylady’s free Holiday Control Journal (a helpful planner with places for all your lists). I started using her Holiday Control Journal about four or five years ago and it has been a breeze to get organised. I just add to it every year and it’s fan-flippin-tastic to have everything in one place: Christmas card lists, gift lists, recipes we use at Christmas, Christmas songbooks.

Anyway…what have I done so far? Baked the Christmas cake! (See yesterday’s post for the recipe.)

I’ve started buying a couple of extra goodies (Christmas snaps/schnaps, boxes of chocolates) and baking supplies (flour, sugar, icing sugar) when I do my food shop.

I’ve been through the Holiday Control Journal and know who I need to buy for, what I bought them last year and already have a good idea of what to buy this year.   Amazon here I come! ;D

A few gifts are already bought. Wrapped. And hidden! 🙂

Gift wrapping session from last year…complete with a cuppa and biscuits! 🙂

And I’ve just set myself a couple of goals for this week. We just received the kids’ school photos so:

  1. I’m going to order my Christmas photocards online (our cards always include photos of the kids)
  2. I’m going to put the kids’ photos into (cheap) frames from Ikea and get them wrapped up (we give them to close family members)

You might think it’s too early to plan.  But – hey – do you really think you’re going to have more time in the month of December?  I think not!  And I want to be ready before this stuff arrives…

View from my kitchen…27 November 2010

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Christmas Planning 2011 – 9 weeks to go!”

  1. Diane, I'm still thinking about what candy to buy for Halloween! I have a loose plan for homemade Christmas gifts–but other than that, no plans at all!

    You are one organized woman.

  2. Halloween isn't a big deal for us (thank goodness?!), so I'm running head first into Christmas…love it! 😀

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