Eurovision is here! #JoinUs?

Good evening morning, Europe!  As you may remember from Eurovision is coming!#JoinUs? waaaay back in November, Copenhagen is the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.  And, yep, it’s finally here and the madness has started!  I have my tickets and a few flags at the ready… 🙂

The centre of Copenhagen has been turned into “Eurovision Village” with street kitchens, live entertainment and plenty of kitsch hits.  The shows will be held on “Eurovision Island” – an old shipyardwhich has been completely transformed.  A controversial choice of venue: lots of money involved, has gone way (way) over budget and 10,000 of us will be trying to get to the (very) isolated island by waterbus, bike and a few taxis.  Chaos ahead? Time will tell! 😛

Even if you aren’t going to any of the shows, you can walk the “Eurovision Fan Mile” from Central Station, via Strøget (the main pedestrian shopping street) along the “Eurovision Fan Mile” down to Nyhavn (the harbour).  Just follow the banners – each bearing the title of a Eurovision winner.

If you have the time, the partner and the inclination – hey – you can even have yourself a “Wonderful Wedding” cruising round the harbour or being serenaded at the Royal Opera by the Maltese Eurovision entry!    And if you’re in a same sex relationship, then what could be more apt than getting hitched on Friday 9 May?  It’s the 25th anniversary of same sex civil partnerships in Denmark and there’ll be weddings, speeches and Eurovision partying by Ved Stranden (the canal).  What’s not to love about Copenhagen?  “Love of freedom. Freedom to love.” 🙂


But, as usual, I digress!  Right now, I’m painting my nails and looking out my glad rags. Because tonight – Tuesday – I’m off to see the First Semi-Final with a group of friends.  Who’s going to win this year?  My money is on (yet another…) Scandinavian victory.  La Suède?  12 points!  Yep, matey, you might want to change that flag for a blue and yellow one!

May the best song win!

Diane 🙂

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