I had a really great shave!

Last Wednesday I had a really great shave and here’s what I ended up with…

I shaved with this – my new gadget – which I can already feel is going to be a firm friend…

You see, this lovely woollen coat has been hanging in our basement for the last couple of (eternal Danish) winters because, even though it fits me really well, it had become all ‘fnuggly’.  So there it hung.  Alone and forlorn.  Never shorn! ;D

But last Anti-Procrastination Wednesday (go look at the Flylady website if you aren’t familiar with the term), I took my husband’s suit in for drycleaning and there was that little fabric comb.  Staring right up at me from the counter.  A comb which I’ve seen countless times before.  (Though always thought, ‘what a waste of money’.)  Well, with it being A-P Day, I coughed up, came home and got started.  And lo and behold – my coat is now shaved and ready for a stroll around the block!

Years of procrastinating.  Five minutes to rectify the situation.  Will I ever learn?! ;D

Hope you have a marvelous Monday! 🙂