Autumn flinging cheer!

Just as I was beginning to despair about autumn (my least favourite season) being fully upon us, an e-mail arrived from the Flylady

Hooray – the Zone Super Fling Boogie starts today, Monday 19 September 2011!  Which means that we are decluttering the house (in babysteps, bien sûr, zone by zone) over the next few weeks in order to get ready for Christmas.  Christmas?  Yay!  My favourite time of the year.  Which, thanks to the Flylady, is not only my favourite time of the year but is now my favourite-time-of-the-year-and-I’m-not-even-stressed-about-the-whole-shebang.

Flylady timer at the ready – 7 minutes on the clock

So even though I was sick and poorly during the weekend, I awoke this morning with a song in my heart (and a cup of coffee in my hand), ready to start flinging.  (Though I didn’t allow myself to start until my Morning Routine was done, the laundry was done and I had taken out chops to defrost for tonight’s dinner.)

My bedside cabinet was mission number two…

yes, there are always magazines to throw out!

I managed all of this week’s five missions in the Master Bedroom within 30 minutes (you see, I am winning the war on clutter!).  And was feeling so good about the whole thing that I decided to dust the ceilings/top of the bedroom door (two minutes).  And then cleaned all the bedroom windows – inside and out – and the glass balcony door.  I didn’t procrastinate…I just grabbed the windex and my purple royal rag and was finished after two songs on the radio.  Only two songs and I was done!

And what will I concentrate on tomorrow?  Probably our guest bedroom.  Because we’re expecting a visit from family this week…the World Cycling Championships are taking place in Denmark and they just happen to be cycling through our street!  So keep your eyes out if you see the cycling on the telly.  Our house is the one with the shining windows… ;D

Happy Monday! 🙂