The mystery of the missing blogger…

My Dearest Readers!

The last time you heard from me was December when I was bombarding you with 24 Days of Danish Christmas and jumping from a chair into 2015… Apologies for the radio silence! On the personal front, this past winter has been a rollercoaster. But – hey ho – onwards and upwards…

On the bright side, I’m back at my writing desk, pencil sharpened, reporter’s notebook ready and raring to go! Having mulled over various new projects, two weeks ago I had an epiphany. And will be (boldly) going where I’ve never gone before. I’ve decided to step out in faith and [deep breath] write my first ever novel – a cozy mystery!  I ♥ reading cozies – now it’s time for me to write my own! (If you’re not familiar with the genre, lookie here.) Off with my blog hat and on with a deerstalker and a magnifying glass… Who knows what I’ll find?

I hate to leave you in the lurch but – after five solid years of blogging here at – there should plenty in my archives to keep you entertained until I return. Yep, I’ve written so many posts (over 300 at last count) that even I forget what I’ve covered over the years… Try not to get lost in the stacks! 😉


Happy reading! See you on the bathing bridge!

Diane 🙂


14 thoughts on “The mystery of the missing blogger…”

  1. Oh no! I will miss your posts so much – but, as you say, I can search your archives until you're back. I wish you the very best of luck with writing your novel. It will be brilliant, I am sure. Just make sure you finish it quickly! xxx

  2. Just so happy to hear you are still wishes with your novel! I too will miss your blog..I have been checking every day and hoping nothing tragic had happened to you. Let us know when you have it completed.

  3. You will be missed!! Happy to hear that you're back at the writing desk – if writer's block ever hits, please put the blog hat on again. I'm sure your fans will still be checking for updates on this blog very often – I know I will be! X

  4. Ditto all of the above–missed your posts, glad you are OK, wishing you well on your writing project! I <3 cozies, too, BTW! Best of luck!

  5. held og lykke Diane! I will miss you so much! I've lived in DK but your blogs were fun, informative and filled in background things , not read in newspapers. . Best wishes for the novel, come back if you can!

  6. I have missed your posts but glad to know you are OK. All the best with the novel, hope you let us know when it is finished I would love to read it. I am hoping to come to Denmark this year to see my family. Best Wishes. Norma

  7. Good luck on the novel. Lot of people think about writing one very few pursue the idea.
    Sorry to hear the personal front is a roller coaster. Hope all is well with your children and your husband is all right. Best Wishes.

  8. Åh, dette er en besked, som jeg læser med blandede følelser. Det har virkelig været en fornøjelse at læse om os danskere og vores væremåde, som andre ser os 🙂

    Men du ønskes al held og lykke med bogen – den vil jeg glæde mig til at læse 🙂

  9. Many thanks, everyone, for all your lovely comments! ♥

    My cozy crime mystery will – selvfølgelig – take place in Denmark and won't be a million miles away from what you've been used to reading here on the blog…

    So it's not really 'farvel' but 'på gensyn'! 🙂

  10. you were my favorite, i love your snapshot photos and you Df (dear family)

  11. […] break from bumping off a nasty character – Col. Mustard, in the Library, with lead piping (The Mystery of the Missing Blogger…) – to let you know that this morning the Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, announced a […]

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