I haven’t downloaded too many apps to my new smartphone (an android, HTC Desire).  I’m trying to keep it nice and simple this time around…  But here are two that I use daily.  And being a canny Scot, I can assure you – before you run off to download them – that they’re absolutely free! πŸ˜›


(available for both Android and iTunes)

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice, dear Blog Reader, that I’m a flybaby…  ;D  Which means that I keep my home clean and cosy, my life organised and my head carefree using the Flylady programme (also free!).

I use the Chore Checklist app to store my Morning and Before Bed Routines on my phone.  Right at my fingertips.  No more excuses!  This isn’t a fancy app by any means.  It does what it says on the box.  And as we flybabies often get carried away with the ‘planning’ (um, overthinking?!) – instead of getting on with the ‘doing’ part – that’s actually not a bad thing…


(only seems to be available for Android, but maybe you can find something similar in the iTunes store?)

I love surfing the web for food inspiration.  But I don’t often get around to making what I see because it’s a fiddly process to get the recipe from the website to my kitchen…  I either have to print it out, send a copy to my e-mail or use the browser in my phone.  ‘My Cookbook’ has come to my rescue!  You can import recipes from the major foodie websites (,, etc) straight to the app using the ‘share’ tool in your phone’s browser.

When you open the app, simply find the recipe you want and select exactly what you want to view…a summary, the ingredients or the ‘how to’ directions.  It can even read the recipe aloud for you – brilliant!  Very useful if your eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be (hello, fellow over-40s!) or if you’ve got young kids ‘helping you’! ;D


A few goodies we made for Easter Sunday lunch

ο»Ώο»ΏThat’s it, off you run – go play in the android market (or the iTunes store).

Have a terrific Tuesday! πŸ™‚