VISITING MUM IN EDINBURGH PLUS This week’s OOTDs (outfit of the day), 5 September 2020

Happy Saturday! What an absolutely fantastic week it has been – I was finally able to be together with my dear old Mum in Edinburgh, Scotland! As many of you know, I haven’t seen Mum (or my dear big brother and sweetest sister-in-law) since December 2019 due to the Lockdown travel restrictions around the world. There was a flight this week from Copenhagen so I jumped at the chance to fly over (thanks to my daily routines I could book and pack at a moment’s notice without any stress) and it was so wonderful to “see” my Mum in the flesh. Mum is 85 years old (she turned 85 in May this year) and always wears her nice clothes (unless she’s out gardening, of course), a piece of jewelry, a skoosh of perfume, etc. (I cut a couple of inches off her hair for her just before I took this photo of us because she’s been unable to get to the hairdressers and she felt her hair was dragging down her energy.) Doesn’t she look terrific, despite being confined to her house for six months?

We were able to do a spot of shopping in the city, lots of walking and had some lovely meals. Tapas with wine, haggis in a gastro pub. A takeaway from our local chip shop, washed down with a bottle of champagne which I had sent Mum for her birthday, and which she wanted to drink with me when we were finally reunited! But best of all was just being able to sit together in the evening, watching TV and chatting.

Plus drinking a gin or two (Mum’s favourite tipple)! Every day is the special occasion – make sure enjoy it to the full!! 💖

But on with the outfits!

Sea temp for our morning skinny-dip seaswims is currently 18c/64d

If you’re looking for a capsule wardrobe system, I can thoroughly recommend the Dressing Your Truth system (there is a free course on the website). Your best colours and styles are determined by your facial features/inner energy (my primary energy type is 1 with a secondary energy of 4). It has been lifechanging for me and makes getting dressed so easy! (I’ve made several YouTube videos about my wardrobe, see below.) I use the Flylady system to keep me organised and my daily routine includes choosing my outfit a day in advance (I check my diary/weather forecast to see what’s ahead). I hang my outfit on a hook on the back of our bedroom door and am ready to go the moment my feet hit the floor the next morning. I love having a morning routine which sets me up for a good day!

Have a super Saturday!

If you’d like to see more about my wardrobe, “come along” to our famous Clothes Swap Parties, and see why I love using the Dressing Your Truth system, see my YouTube series!