Scaredy Cat Challenge – remember?

Do you remember that we’re doing Scaredy Cat Challenges? My latest personal challenge was to attempt to play the piano at the sprightly age of 43. (You can read the background on that particular challenge here.)

Now that we’ve moved the piano into the livingroom

(because, woo hoo, I’m using it every day!),

even DH couldn’t resist getting in on the act ;D

Well, I finished my set of 10 lessons – with my very nice Norwegian teacher called Odd (isn’t that a fantastic christian name?!) – on 17 December.

These lessons have been a godsend. And not just in the musical sense… They’ve also been a huge kick up the jacksie for a control freak like me. Who wants everything done my way – right here – right now. I laughed out loud when Odd said, “I know you want to be The Master of this instrument [after 5 lessons] but right now the piano controls you! And will do for years. Just s-l-o-w right down. Take your time. One thing at a time. You will get there in the end.” Ha! Babysteps, anyone?!

One of the strangest things is that, every single time we start a new piece of music, I look at the (hobbeldy gobbeldy) bunch of notes dancing on the paper and think, “Eek! He expects me to decipher THAT? I caaaaaan’t!” And I stare ahead at the notes, fingers fumbling and think, “I was right, this IS impossible. I’ll NEVER be able to play this.” And yet, one week later, I’ve deciphered the notes and can play it – albeit shakily – but I know that I can. I CAN! That’s pretty strong stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’ve just signed up for another season and am ready (and willing!) for more scary piano challenges in 2011. Are you working on a Scaredy Cat Challenge or need some inspiration? Check out all the great challenges below… Link up your blog, let’s hold hands and be scared together! ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a simply super Sunday!

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  1. Hi A! Hope your own challenge is coming along well and not proving too much of a challenge? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Miss you on tweeter… xo

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